Top 5 Motorcycle Roads In The World

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Life is a long journey that is all about how people go along the road, not about where they choose to arrive. Unless we are stuck in traffic. Thus, if you have ever dreamed of going over all stuff in your messy life and choosing to go far to see the world from behind the handlebars, here are the suggestions for the most amazing, beautiful, and challenging roads for you to go with your motorcycle.

There are hundreds of scenic roads worldwide, and the greatest ones would be listed down here:


1. Highway 15 – West Virginia

Located: between Valley Head and Sutton

Many riders from east coast consider as one of the most amazing roads that they will ever find. Tight turns pave way for long sweepers like the Monongahela National Forest road skirts, with surpising scenery along with the road. The road actually ends in nowhere – just like its starting, but that is the form of every road considered the best.

2. Highway 129 Between North Carolina – Tapoca and Tennessee – Chilohowee, Also Called The Dragon and Deal’s Gap


This one is obvious — it is very popular that there is a bad resort at one end of it – and many riders thought that it is a bit over-rated,. However, there cannot be any complain about the roads that have 311 318 curves in eleven miles. Make sure that you will check out the Tree of Shame and the bulletin board that contains a lot of photos.

3. Highways 3, 36, and 299 In California (from Huntsville Hydesville to Blue Lake): The 36 highway is legendary in the heart of any NorCal rider who considers it 140 miles of riding Nirvana. Certainly, it is good. However, to make it better, swing north at the 3 highway and then go to the 299 road in the west. A stretch of this motorcyle road with 208 miles in length through the redwood country is known as the Trinity Scenic Byway simply because it is extremely beautiful.

4. Ho Chi Minh Trail – Vietnam

Let someone else plan the itinerary for you to enjoy a trip through the northwest Vietnam privately as it is a really touch mission. However, if you are an adventurous rider and really love travelling alone to the destinations you love, then do not hesitate to discover the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam as it is really wonderful. The trip should set off from Hanoi and go through farmlands, foothills and fields of rice paddies, and stop for a night rest in any small village where you can enjoy and be harmony with the local culture as a guest in a private household.

5. Route 66
Every road-tripper desires to experience Route 66 as it is one of best original highways in America. This is also considered the “Mother Road” that will allow riders to have brand new and unforgetable experiences and feelings. You can set off on your motorbike from Santa Fe, visit the Old West, and see the Grand Canyon’s South rim and keep going travelling the Mojave Desert of California before arriving at the end of Route 66 in Santa Monica.