How to Detail a Car

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Cleaning a car is the most important thing. If we clean the car daily then the life and the shine of the car can be extended. Some people do it like a regular duty and some do it occasionally. Some prefer to clean in the showroom, It depends on how much you love your car or how much you can invest in detailing! 

Car detailing means cleaning the whole car and restore all the parts in the right position. It also helps to maintain the shine and protect the paint of the car from the external damages.

Guidelines for car detailing

When a car owner wants to do car detailing then they should follow some guidelines, here are some basic guidelines which every car owner should follow:

1.     Clean the exterior of the car

The first and most important step of detailing the vehicle is to clean all the external dust. The dust from the windows and front glass should be cleaned by using the soft towel. Most of the people use the soft towel and special soap for cleaning the car from the external dust. This type of products protects the car from scratches and any type of damage while.

2.     Protect the exterior of the car

Cleaning the exterior of the car is important but the time of cleaning the exterior dust also protects the car from the damages. The exterior components such as tires, glass, headlights, paint, and many more. Many of the car owners clean the tires and grice them with oil to provide smoothness while driving. Also, use the wax for mainlining the shine of the car and use the soft cloths for glass cleaning.

3.     Clean the interior parts of the car

Done with exterior cleaning of the car!!! Now it’s time to focus on interior cleaning. It is the most difficult but once the owner understands how-to detailing the interior then they can do it easily.

Some of the important points, before you get started a car detailing:

1.     Do not wash the car in Direct UV Rays

As we all know, most of the detailing products do not work properly in the sunlight or any other hot surface. So, always clean the car in the shade or indoors.

2.     Avoid cross-contamination

It is the most important point. Do not use the same products such as towels, buckets, etc. for cleaning the different parts of the car. Always use different clothes for cleaning and change the water after cleaning the part.

3.     Work from the top and then go down

The first thing you should do is clean the tires or wheels and after that clean the other exterior parts of the car. After cleaning the exterior parts jump on the interior and clean it using the detailing kit.

The process of car detailing is not that tough. But before detailing make sure that you are following the above-mentioned points.